Fall weather walking (58)

Sunny days have finally started to give over to the grey gloom of fall. 

You really think a bit of rain would stop me from going on insanely long walks??

Confession time: I’m kind of into visiting old cemeteries. More specifically, visiting old cemeteries in the fall (something about the juxtaposition of the changing leaves against the cool grey of gravestones, especially just after it rains…). As a tutoring session I scheduled with a student near Montmartre got pushed back fifteen minutes, I figured I’d kill (ha) some time by walking amongst some grave stones. 

Instagram (@effie143)

Instagram (@effie143)
The Indian summer has been nice and all, but I’m glad fall is finally creeping in (and just in time for Halloween too…though no one really celebrates that here).
Hello lil’ red leaf!

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