119 – 120


Hard to believe that exactly one year ago yesterday, I was marching in Washington DC. My how things have changed since then (to say nothing of things that still remain…for now…PSA: midterms are this November).


There was some questioning on some of the Facebook groups I follow as to whether or not a march/gathering was going to be happening in Paris this year, as the annual Woman’s Day march will be coming up in a couple of months anyway. I’m not sure if it was the somewhat last-minute organization effort, the rainy weather (or really, a mix of both), but from what people I spoke with told me, the turnout was a lot more sparse than last year. Not that there weren’t a good amount of people at Trocadéro that afternoon, just that you could actually still move freely about the place.


I didn’t end up staying very long, due to the aforementioned shitty weather, as well as the fact that I still had lesson plans to finish, but it felt good to be there at least for a little bit, even though the event felt like a shadow of the march I participated in a year ago.



Today was back with another week of teaching. Let us all take a moment and reflect on how absolutely exhausting an hour with 22 sophomores right after lunch can be. It’s no wonder I almost fell asleep in my incredibly relaxing, thank-god-I-do-this-on-Mondays yoga class this evening.


Anyway, here’s one more photo for the road.



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