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As you can probably gather from the photo above, things have gotten considerably greyer in Paris these last few days.


Not that I mind, however. I actually find that this compliments my own personal brand of surliness and general ill-humor (especially concerning the continued spew of nonsense happening back in the States, which, yes, sometimes does keep me up at night…still) very well.


It does also mean that my habitual outdoor wanderings may end up slowing down considerably (though not stopping entirely), since catching a cold is not exactly on my list of priorities right now.


Anyway, here are some highlights from a weekend otherwise spent in the comfort of my heated apartment:


  • Seeing Coco (yes, it is possible to find non-dubbed versions of English animated films, although it does usually mean having to go to a later showing), and being very pleasantly surprised to find that the annoying 20-minute Frozen short everyone has been complaining about was not programmed to play before the film. Actually, come to think of it, they only actually showed one trailer – for that movie about the bull…I think it’s called Ferdinand. In sum: if you haven’t seen Coco yet, go. The animation is absolutely stunning (then again, it is Pixar), and the story is incredibly touching. Oh, and as an added bonus: I hear they’re getting rid of that short entirely.


  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday at Le Capsule on Saturday, and validating my opinion on why bars with caves are an absolutely excellent thing (especially when it comes to parties).

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